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About Us

Creation of collaborative networks for the regeneration of our planet

Regenera Network was born in 2022 with the need to be a driving force in the creation of collaborative networks for the regeneration of our planet. At the core is environmental and social sustainability, understanding that there is no progress in the regeneration of the planet if the human being is not included, from how any decision can affect their lives to how much to make them participate and provide them with knowledge to ensure that this regeneration is consolidated over time.

Regenera Network focuses on the creation and management of environmental and social sustainability projects, giving great importance to digitization, data management, and communication and outreach activities both with audiovisual content and the creation of online training courses.

Regenera Network

Creation of digital ecosystems

Regenera Network

Content creation

Regenera Network

Online courses design

In our growing network of collaborators we have extensive experience in the fields of scientific research, engineering, digitization, industry, and environmental policy making, a perfect combination to maximize readiness and manage and monitor project implementation. We are open to innovation, not only technological, but those that bring together the industries of culture and art, technology and citizenship, and even more so if the project results in the creation of policy proposals that represent a positive change for the planet and society.

We believe in collaboration for innovation as a key tool for sustainable progress, an aspect that we will monitor in all projects in which we are involved.